The right to be

20 fallacies

CCM editorial boardToday, Kenyans from different communities, suspect, hate and fight one another more than at any other time before. Because it is easier to hate, we have forgotten it is better to love. But hate is very costly to the hated, the hater and the country.
Apart from its easiness, why do we hate one another? Because of certain fallacies about us and other communities that fuel our mutual hate. As negative ethnicity is created by our ethnic elites, they also propagate fallacies that make our minds and hearts sick with tribalism.

What are these fallacies?

1. People protect their interests not as individuals, economic classes or Kenyans that are blind to tribalism, but as ethnic communities in exclusion of other Kenyans.

2. Communities should not think. Their ethnic chiefs think for them.

3. Interests of ethnic chiefs and elites are superior to those of their communities. If you go to Nyeri, Kisumu or Kabarnet and ask people what their problems are, they will not raise their own of poverty but those of Kibaki, Raila and Moi of power and protection.

4. We elect the president, MPs and councilors not to represent and speak for us in government, parliament and local councils but enthrone our ethnic chief. After we have elected our ethnic chief to be his own president, MPs and councillors to speak for him, people are left completely without a voice. Like bees that live for their queen, communities live not for themselves but their ethnic chiefs.

5. If you criticize, challenge or compete with our tribal chief, from within our community, you are a traitor; from without, you are an enemy, both to be eliminated.

6. However able a person from another community is, he must never be our president.

7. Because we have a different language, hair, colour, cultural practices and even traditional foods, we are better, superior and more deserving or inferior and worse than others.

8. Even as all of us are somewhat tainted, we are innocent and only others are guilty of tribalism.

9. Someone from another community is never right, only us. When they speak, you do not listen.

10. As people in the west used black people and Jews as scapegoats for many years, a person from another community is always the witch among us. If we lack something, he is to blame. To survive, we must rob and find a final solution to our witches.

11. Our community will survive best not by loving and sharing with others in our country but hating, robbing and killing others with whom we must never unite or share.

12. As the rest of the world forms huge blocks of economic, political and military survival, tribal chiefs tell us our future or destruction rather, lies in the eventual fragmentation of Kenya into ethnic states, majimbos or small ponds where ethnic chiefs can reign supreme.

13. Other communities and their leaders are our enemies and never our friends. We must always fight them. We believe the rule of our tribal chief is best because it will usher in our turn to eat. We forget exclusion of most Kenyans from eating is ultimately suicidal when our turn is over.

15. If a leader from our community becomes or continues to be president we are all rich or shall become so. Conveniently, we forget that though there have been a Kalenjin president and two Kikuyu presidents, most Kalenjin and Kikuyu people are poor. We refuse to see that if presidents eat with elites from all communities that help them govern, they do not eat with their communities who remain poor before and after their rule.

16. When a leader from our community is or becomes president we too are president or shall become so with him. We talk of a Kikuyu, Kalenjin or Luo president but presidents have names of individuals! Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki, not communities. There will never be a President Luo, a President Kikuyu, a President Luhya, a President Kalenjin or a President Kamba.

17. Because two Kikuyus and one Kalenjin have been presidents, every Kikuyu and Kalenjin is rich and all in other communities are poor. Conversely if there is a president from other communities, they will all automatically become rich. To booster our fallacy, we refuse to see the rich from our own communities and only see the rich from other communities.

18. When leaders from our communities become presidents, it is to make us rich, not serve all Kenyans or make their families rich. We refuse to interrogate ourselves why while the families of our presidents are all rich, 99% of their communities and constituencies are poor.

19. Despite our assassinated JMs, Bishop Muges and betrayed Mau Maus, we believe a president from our community can never hurt us. Equally we believe presidents from other communities will enslave and kill us all. Hence, we follow our bad ethnic leaders blindly and singing, all the way to our grave and reject all good leaders from other communities.

20. When we self-hate, we apologise for our ethnicity and instead of fighting for equality, we take refuge in the back seats of leadership. Although ethnic elites know these fallacies are untrue and dangerous, they propagate them because they are politically profitable. By instilling the fear of the devil in their people, they enslave and make them follow them to their own slaughter. Tribalism is elite’s greatest political capital.

For ordinary people, the world is their village and whatever reigns there rules them. Enslaved by ignorance and the tyranny of so-called communal survival, they follow tribal chiefs to their own perdition. They have no idea that elites fan ethnic winds to fly their own not people’s kite. End.

By Hon. Koigi wa Wamwere MP & Assistant
Minister of Information and Communication.

CCM Founder member.


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