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Mt Elgon refugees on the brink of death

Posted by kikuyusworld on August 13, 2007

By Isaiah Lucheli

Religious leaders in Mt Elgon say people who have fled from violence and are now camping in Chepkitale National Reserve face imminent death as a result of lack of basic needs .

“Women and children have fled to the national reserve where there is no hospital and food while others are in dire need of relief supplies in market centres in the District,” said the clergymen.

Reverend Maritim Rirei and Stanley Taboi of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) said women and children were the worst hit and were in serious need of humanitarian assistance.

Rirei said failure by the Government to involve religious leaders, politicians and elders from the area during the land allocations had greatly contributed to the eruption of the skirmishes.

He said it was the Government’s responsibility to provide its citizens with security and appealed for an immediate intervention into the crisis.

“The Government should look for alternative land to settle those who were sidelined in the allocations in order to end the violence,” said Rirei.

The religious leaders said lack of medical supplies in the forest has led to an outbreak of respiratory tract infections and measles.

“The situation is pathetic. Lack of food, clothing, shelter and medical care for the displaced people spells death unless urgent measures are taken,” said Taboi.


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